Sherkin Island, Ireland. A rough Irish island near Cork with a surprising beautiful underwater scenery. I did dive there as student during my biology field work. Nearby is nature reserve Lough Hyne, a marine lake full of life. I still remember the enormous Common Skates lying on the sandy bottom.


Zeeland, The Netherlands. The best places for diving are the Oosterschelde (salt and tidal water) and the Grevelingen (brackish water). The last one has along the coastline hundreds of European lobsters.



Camaret, Brittany, France. A turbulent sea at this land’s end of Brittany. A lot of wrecks of unfortunate ships are on the bottom of the sea surrounded by large schools Pouts. Very impressive to dive but you need a good stomach for sea sickness! In shallow waters there are impressive “forests” of Kelp (Laminaria) full of smaller sea life.


Gozo, Malta. Beautiful rocks, tunnels and caves on the barren coasts of Gozo and the little sister Island Comino. Specifically diving in the the Blue Hole and Chimney near the famous Azure Window is a must. I say this Spiny Lobster in the Blue Hole looking at me as daily sight seeing of divers.


Plakias, Crete, Greece. Boat and shore diving with the excellent diving school for families Dive2gether to discover drop-offs, caves, tunnels and large rock formations near Plakias. Night dives are the best when all the squids, octopuses and little cuttlefish are on the hunt.



Fethiye, Turkey. Diving in the Bay of Fethiye by boat is great. A lot of smaller bays for shallow diving, reef plateaus and deeper waters with some caves too. Sea life is abundant with small rays, murray eels, tub gurnards and very large trumpetfish.



Sinaï coast, Egypt. Hundreds of dive sites from Eilat (Israel) in the North till Ras Mohammed in the South. Beautiful Coral Reefs in shallow waters with dozens of species of fish and other animals to see during one dive. Night diving gives a complete different view of the reef with the coral polyps on the hunt and feather stars on the move. I like evening dives with still some light to see the Lion fishes hunting in groups and not being afraid at all of divers.



Florida Keys, USA. Diving on shallow Coral Reefs at the different islands of the Keys. Lots of sponges, small fish and occasionally a  Sea Turtle passing by. Recently an enourmous USS Vandenberg ship was sunken for divers to dive on, so I need to go back there some time.



Ocotal, Costa Rica. Diving in nutrient rich water. Sharks, Rays, Angelfish, Triggerfish and lots of Porcupine fish on every dive site. Visibility is about 10 meters and descending on top op resting Whitetip reef sharks is quit some experience.